#4: From Athens to Corfu via South Peloponnese

The Trip

When booking a cabin on our explorer trips you get to experience Greece from the coastline and share the fun and adventure with like-minded people.

Every year we compile special itineraries that let you discover the beauty and wonder of the Greek archipelago by way of a unique, off-the-beaten-track travel experience. Stunning nature and coastal landscapes, authentic Greek harbours and villages and historical sites from Greek Antiquity along the coast are woven into an unforgettable trip!

The Yacht

Morpheus, our flagship yacht, is an elegant 17-meter Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 54 DS that boasts excellent sailing quality paired with exceptional design. The well-furnished interiors contain a total of five cabins and four bathrooms. We gave Morpheus a generous makeover in 2019, both technically and in appearance, adding personal touches and high-quality amenities and equipment .........read more

Dates and Prices

Per person, per week

Trip 4: From Athens to Corfu

via South Peloponnese

17/10/2020 -  31/10/2020



Double Cabin 1 ‬- €1,225

Double Cabin 2 - €1,225

Double Cabin 3 -  €940

Double Cabin 4 -  €790


Double Cabin 1 ‬- €2,220

Double Cabin 2 - €1,620

Double Cabin 3 - €1,325

Double Cabin 4 - €1,325

What's Included

  • Cabins with comfortable beds, beautiful linen, towels and beach towels by Coco-Mat, eco-friendly shower gel, hair shampoo, conditioner

  • Meals: all breakfasts, all lunches or lunch packs for excursions, three dinners

  • Drinks: all softs, warm and cold

  • Our professional Captain, Peter and a second crew member to cater to your well-being

  • All costs related to operating the boat (harbour fees, fuel, insurance, electricity, fresh water, WIFI on board, a dinghy, etc.)

  • Snorkelling equipment, two stand-up-paddles, umbrellas for the beach

What's Not Included

  • The tour does not include transportation to Corfu and the transfer to the starting point of the trip (Corfu Sailing Club in Corfu Town).

  • Alcoholic beverages; can be provisioned by us in advance according to your wishes and at your expense


SATURDAY (17/10/2020)

First stop on the third part of our Mediterranean Odyssey, Angistri (“Fishhook”) is a small island West of Aegina. There are quiet anchorages, good snorkelling and simple tavernas ashore, as well as a small harbour to choose from.

SUNDAY (18/10/2020)

Sailing West to the island of Hydra. Home to a fleet of over 150 trading vessels in the 19th century, Hydra was one of the 3 islands, together with Spetses and Psara, that were at the forefront of Greek Naval history. In the Sixties it saw a renaissance as a place for artists to go to, and is the setting for many novels... Today it is a rather exclusive island, where there no roads and no cars, thus retaining the magic of another era... The busy little main harbour is often full, and there are many other anchorages around to choose from.

MONDAY (19/10/2020)

Sailing from Hydra to the Southwest we find the small hamlet of Leonidhion. Nearby is the impressive Elona monastery built on the sheer rock face. Untouched by tourism, here we can sample the “other” Greece, off the beaten tourists track.

TUESDAY (20/10/2020)

Southbound towards Cape Maleas eventually, we arrive first in Monemvasia, one of the wonders of Greece. Often likened to a little Gibraltar, the humpbacked island is linked to the mainland by a small long road. On the island itself is an old fortified village, which has been quite nicely rebuilt and walking through the cobblestone lanes, you are easily transported centuries back to the Byzantine and later Venetian era when all of this was built...

WEDNESDAY (21/10/2020)

We sail around Cape Maleas to Kythira. We will be sailing through the “Sea of Love”, as apparently it was from these waters that Venus was born, as depicted in paintings and films standing on a seashell..(A veritable "pearl" of a goddess...) Kythera is remote and geographically one of the Seven Islands of the Ionian, although under the administration of Athens. It is a quiet island, once an important stepping stone between the Peloponnese and Crete, it has been settled at least since Minoan times and was once famously sacked by Barbarossa himself...

THURSDAY (22/10/2020)

North of Kythira is the island of Elafonisos (Deer Island) Almost linked to the mainland by shallows, Elafonisos is famous for the amazing beach and turquoise waters on the South of the island. Only fairly recently discovered, it is a small island with few inhabitants and only one village. In the height of summer it is very popular with campers, but in October they will all have gone home, leaving us to savour the beauty in peace...

FRIDAY (23/10/2020)

Sail across the Lakonikos Gulf to Porto Kayo. A convenient small hamlet almost at the tip of Cape Tenaro, only a few families of fishermen live here.The arrival of yachts in the last few years has rejuvenated the place though.

SATURDAY (24/10/2020)

A longer sail today as we make our way to the West of the Peloponnese and Pylos in the deep and wide Gulf of Navarino. One of the most important naval battles was held here in 1827 when the British, French and Russian fleets fought and won the Ottoman fleet. Pylos is also part of the actual history behind the Odyssey being the home town of King Nestor, one of the wise kings of Greece. Today it is a bustling and friendly town, mostly built by the French in the 19th century.

SUNDAY (25/10/2020)

North of Pylos, yet more long-distance sailing to Kyparissia. Once a prosperous harbour for Messene, for a long time only a few fishermen were keeping their boats here. A new harbour extension has made Kyparissia a convenient and safe stop on the passage to and from the Ionian.

MONDAY (26/10/2020)

To the North we head to the “flower of the East” or “Fioro Tou Levante” as Zakynthos is known. Home to the Caretta-Caretta turtle who breeds here, the harbour is a large bay where ferries, yachts and turtles mix. The town is busy and friendly, and feels very “Ionian” with the lilting Greek spoken here. Zakynthos is a jewel of an island...

TUESDAY (27/10/2020)

Sailing from Zakynthos towards the Inland Sea, as the area between Lefkas, Kefalonia and the mainland is known, we make our way to Pera Pighadi, a beautiful and quiet anchorage on Ithaca. Who knows, maybe it was here that Odysseus landed, weary and tired after ten years of sailing, and made his way to his palace to see the suitors waiting for Penelope...

WEDNESDAY (28/10/2020)

North of Ithaca, winding our way around Meganisi and Skorpios island through the Lefkas Canal, we arrive to Lefkas Town. Severely damaged in the 50s by an earthquake Lefkas is a charming little town now without tall buildings. Connected to the mainland with a floating bridge, a haven for windsurfers, kiters and sailors, home to the best little Cuban bar and with a little something for everyone, Lefkas will be our stop for the night...

THURSDAY (29/10/2020)

An early morning start to catch the opening of the bridge and we sail North to Paxos. Another little gem of an island in the Ionian, Gaios the capital, is to be found deep inside a fjord like channel where, as we motor calmly around the bends, the view keeps on getting better and better. Finally we arrive into this quaint little village to tie up somewhere near the main square. Usually very busy, by this time in the season, it will be easier to find a spot in the main harbour and enjoy watching the hustle and bustle from the comfort of our yacht, before picking one of the many tavernas for a meal or enjoying a walk on the quay...

FRIDAY (30/10/2020)

We sail from Paxos, heading North to our final destination, Corfu, the Old Fortress landmark ahead, our Home Port, as our Odyssey comes to its end, we can celebrate somewhere in the streets of the Old Town, as sailors have done for centuries.

SATURDAY (31/10/2020)

Checkout in Corfu and time for goodbyes...

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