#2: From Lefkas to Athens via Corynth and the Saronic Islands

The Trip

When booking a cabin on our explorer trips you get to experience Greece from the coastline and share the fun and adventure with like-minded people.

Every year we compile special itineraries that let you discover the beauty and wonder of the Greek archipelago by way of a unique, off-the-beaten-track travel experience. Stunning nature and coastal landscapes, authentic Greek harbours and villages and historical sites from Greek Antiquity along the coast are woven into an unforgettable trip!

The Yacht

Morpheus, our flagship yacht, is an elegant 17-meter Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 54 DS that boasts excellent sailing quality paired with exceptional design. The well-furnished interiors contain a total of five cabins and four bathrooms. We gave Morpheus a generous makeover in 2019, both technically and in appearance, adding personal touches and high-quality amenities and equipment .........read more

Dates and Prices

Per person, per week

Trip 2: From Lefkas to Athens

17/09/2020 -  01/10/2020



Double Cabin 1 ‬- €1,345

Double Cabin 2 - €1,345

Double Cabin 3 - €1,020

Double Cabin 4 - €960


Double Cabin 1 ‬- €2,440

Double Cabin 2 - €2,440

Double Cabin 3 - €1,790

Double Cabin 4 - €1,465

What's Included

  • Cabins with comfortable beds, exclusive Greek made linen, towels and beach towels by Coco-Mat, eco-friendly shower gel, hair shampoo, conditioner
  • Meals: all breakfasts, all lunches or lunch packs for excursions, three dinners
  • Drinks: all softs, warm and cold

  • Our professional Captain, Peter and a second crew member to cater to your well-being

  • All costs related to operating the boat (harbour fees, fuel, insurance, electricity, fresh water, WIFI on board, a dinghy, etc.)

  • Snorkelling equipment, two stand-up-paddles, umbrellas for the beach

What's Not Included

  • The tour does not include transportation to Corfu and the transfer to the starting point of the trip (Corfu Sailing Club in Corfu Town).

  • Alcoholic beverages; can be provisioned by us in advance according to your wishes and at your expense


Saturday (19/09/2020)

Sailing out from Lefkas Town we make our way to Meganisi island and pick a spot for the night. There are many s tavernas with small quays in front, accommodating a few boats - unless we decide to go to a secluded bay for a dinner on onboard.

Sunday (20/09/2020)

The next day brings us to Kalamos, a rather imposing island to the East, very close to the Mainland. After a long break in a lovely bay for lunch and some swimming we continue to a village harbour to spend the night

Monday (21/09/2020)

Next to Kalamos is the island of Kastos. We set off to explore Atokos in the distance to the West for the day, and then East again to Kastos to anchor overnight. Kastos is even smaller than Kalamos: surrounded by crystal clear waters and olive and prickly pear trees growing all over the island it has a winter population of only eighty people.

Tuesday (22/09/2020)

Ithaca. For Odysseus this was his final destination, for us it will be a stop along the way. Since C.P. Cavafis, one of Greece's great poets, wrote a poem of the same name, “Ithaca” has become synonymous with the “end” of any journey in life, often an elusive or even non-existent one. The island itself has a magic just by sailing around, swimming, anchoring around the same shores to which Odysseus returned to find his beloved Penelope. There are two villages and a small town to pick from depending on requirements, Port Kioni or Vathi, each worthwile in their own way.

Wednesday (23/09/2020)

Heading East now, we enter the Patras Gulf, the first step around the North of the Peloponnese. On the North side of the Gulf is the town of Messolonghi. It played a big part in the revolution of 1821 and it is here that Lord Byron, the famous poet, died. In the middle of a large salt water lake, it is approached by a channel passing through a small fishing village on stilts. This is a less known Greece... ​

Thursday (24/09/2020)

From Messolonghi, we sail back out into the Patras Gulf, and make our way East towards the Rio-Andirrio Bridge, the longest cable suspended bridge in the world. We will let the bridge authorities know we are passing, and they will tell us which part to go under. Then we make our way to nearby Nafpaktos, a small Greek Town built around an even smaller old and very historical harbour, complete with castle!

Friday (25/09/2020)

With an early start, we head East, to make our way to little Trizonia Island and it's little Marina in the middle of nowhere. A beautiful natural harbour in the “back” of Trizonia (the word means crickets) Island affords great protection in beautiful surroundings - and is also famous for its crayfish!

Saturday (26/09/2020)

Ever deeper into what now becomes the Gulf of Corinth and round a cornet is Galaxidi. Once upon a time the greatest shipping centre in Greece, there is a long tradition of shipbuilding here and many families were shipowners. A picturesque recently refurbished yacht harbour makes a great stop for those wishing to visit the nearby site of Delphi.

Sunday (27/09/2020)

From Galaxidi we make our way down the Gulf of Corinth towards the bay of the Halcyon Islands. The islands are surrounded by a multitude of little bays and small ports to choose from and will be our stopping point before...

Monday (28/09/2020)

...we go through the Corinth Canal! A ship passage point since Antiquity, the canal itself was made by the French in the 19th century. Cruise ships and freighters as well as yachts use it daily. As we exit the canal, we stop to pay the dues and then make our way into the Saronic, heading to the nearby bay of Korfos for the night or Aegina if the winds are in favour.

Tuesday (29/09/2020)

Sailing in the Saronic, along the coast of the Peloponnese, there are a host of antiquities and ancient sites along the way. We are in the cradle of the Western civilization and will more than likely stop at Epidaurus, site of the famous amphitheatre where Ancient Greek plays are still performed. From here other sites, like Troizina, are within reach as well

Wednesday (30/09/2020)

Further south we will find Poros, a gem of an island with an old-fashioned charm, famous for its sunsets that people often stop whatever they are doing to watch, as the sun dips down behind the “Sleeping Lady” mountains. Many bays with clear waters invite us to explore them for a swim or a stroll onto the land. Close by is also Methana where hot springs emerge in the sea.

Thursday (01/10/2020)

Our exploration continues on this first part of our Odyssey as the small island of Angistri (it means fishing hook in Greek) and Aegina, await us. Aegina is a quiet little island, so close to the hustle bustle of Athens, yet tranquil and serene, here we will enjoy a relaxing evening and stay overnight.

Friday (02/10/2020)

We sail around the island and eventually wind our way towards the big city of Athens. The marina beckons, sights to be seen, as the first part of our Odyssey reaches its end.

Saturday (03/10/2020)

Checkout in Athens

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