About Us

We are an up-and-coming provider of sailing experiences in Greece. On our trips we like to stay away from the crowds. You’ll get acquainted with the most beautiful parts of the Greek Islands, experiencing breath taking nature both on and off the water. You’ll enjoy authentic Greek hospitality by way of the traditional coastal towns and villages we stop at. Experience ancient Greek culture still present in impressive historical sites that can be visited on land along the way.

Our Greek and German crew are avid seekers of hidden gems and unspoiled nature. We treat the places we visit with respect, so that they may remain as they are. Whether it be unwinding on a secluded beach, hiking the mountainous terrain, or learning to sail under the guidance of our experienced skipper, our tailored trips are about doing what you love.

Your Skipper

Peter Papageorgiou

Peter started sailing 36 years ago and a couple of years later got his licence from the Corfu Sailing Club.

By growing up on the island and participating in lots of racing as crew member, he eventually acquired the skill to sail his family sailboat as a skipper.

A few years later he started working for a local charter company doing deliveries and skippered charters.

After a 'short' break, during which he had a family and ran a yachting related business sailing only for his personal pleasure, he got back into professional skippering which had been his dream as a young man. Recently Peter passed his RYA Yacht Master Exam, a further qualification and proof of his skill.

He loves sailing, and is a people kind of guy, so he takes pleasure in the social side of it too, making sure that guests enjoy themselves and get a good taste of sailing. Full of stories on Greece, its history and present and the places he takes you too, Peter is easy to talk to, calm and good company.

He is half English, half Greek, speaks a little German and a little Italian and after more than 30 years of sailing in Greece, he knows the area pretty well.